Sub-MW Wind Turbine

Sub-MW wind turbines range from 50 to 1 000 kW. These wind turbines are applied in stand-alone hybrid energy systems in remote, isolated, hard to access territories.

Key requirement to the equipment:

  • robust

  • operating temperature up to — 40°C

  • transportation in 20 — 40 feet containers

  • easy to install

  • no hydraulics in the systems

  • integration with other types of generation, etc.

Altren is ready to offer its customers wind energy equipment that completely meets these requirements. This will allow for significantly reducing transportation, delivery, construction, commissioning and maintenance costs, which will lead to minimization of kWh generation cost.

The next stage here is localization of the equipment in Russia. It will allow project developers to reduce more logistics and service costs.

You can contact us for the information in regard of purchasing of the equipment:

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