Technology company Altren, LLC is a Russian Alternative and Renewable Energy Competence Center.The company is focused on research and development in alternative energy, energy saving and on project management and arrangement of production processes for implementation of developed solutions.

The company mission is to establish a Russian system of competencies in the area of renewable and alternative energy, create opportunities to involve Russia in the international process of Renewable Energy Development at an advanced technological level, thus enabling the country to offer competing solutions to the global community.

Wind energy

solar energy


geothermal energy

energy- saving technology

Activity Areas

The company executes projects for development and implementation of energy supply systems based on wind energy equipment, solar cell batteries and panels, biogas plants, waste recycling units and fuel cells.

The company’s employees conduct research for the development of effective energy storage units, application of composite materials in energy systems and the utilization of specific compositions for the treatment of separate elements. We are optimizing algorithms of control, control sensor circuits, sensors, and operating systems.

We are now fully focused on wind energy. Altren, LLC operates the project for the creation of a cluster specializing in the manufacture of wind turbine components in the Ulyanovsk region. We are also conducting a project focused on the adaptation of international technical solutions for Russian conditions. The project has been developed in cooperation with leading wind energy equipment manufacturers.

The Ulyanovsk Region Will Produce Blades for Wind Turbines

The Ulyanovsk region government today announced going into business with Chineese company Dongfang Electric Wind Power Co., Ltd (DEW).

22 August 2016

The Agreement to Construct 35 MW Wind Farm has been signed

Fortum, Finland company invested 65 million EUR (approximately 5 billion RUB) in construction of a 35 MW wind ...

23 December 2015



Creation of an alternative energy cluster and localization of components production

Altren LCC is the operator of the project for creation of a cluster for alternative energy and energy saving technologies with implementation of the top global achievements in this field of energy

Wind Farm Construction

Altren LLC has been supporting 35 MW Wind Farm construction in the Ulyanovsk region, Fortnum company is the project investor.

Wind monitoring

Altren LLC provides project support for wind monitoring, conducted by The Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, OJSC

Municipal Solid Wastes Disposal

Altren LLC provides project support for creation of incineration plants

Creation of effective wind-diesel systems

Altren LLC investigates the possibility to increase efficiency of wind diesel systems utilizing safe hydrogen storages

Creation of an alternative energy cluster

Wind Farm Construction

Wind monitoring

Municipal Solid Wastes Disposal

Creation of effective wind-diesel systems


Altren, LLC invites all companies interested in collaboration.


LLC "Altren"

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