Wholesale market of RES: regulatory legal acts, development, consulting.

The Ulyanovsk region is one of the leading regions in Russia in the development of renewables. Upon RES support program 2013 -2024 the first two wholesale wind farms in Russia with a total capacity of 85 MW have been constructed in the Ulyanovsk region, and Vestas wind turbine blade production factory has been launched.

Furthermore, what makes this region unique is that it includes all stages for wind energy development — from idea to operation — and this enables scaling it up to other generating facilities beyond the Ulyanovsk region.

Altren (a project company of Ulyanovsk nanocenter ULNANOTECH) actively participates in the forming and improving regulation and legal acts of RES market. Additionally, our company has competence in the area of wind farms development and in provision of consulting services in the stages of planning, designing and construction.

Our partners are the companies with great national and international expertise in wind energy that enables creating a one-stop shop for solutions in development, implementation and use of wind energy.


  • development of projects on a “turnkey” basis: from the first assessment of the site to project packaging for the start of construction

  • wind farm construction project support: from idea to launching

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