Microgeneration: regulatory legal acts, solutions

Microgeneration is a small-scale generation with a total capacity of maximum 15 kW.

In the West European countries more than 50% of the energy is generated by prosumers forming micro retail RES market (Diagram 1). Upon the data, provided by the battery manufacturing company SonnenBatterie, almost 1.7 mln people in Germany use mini solar power plants to produce energy and supply excess energy to the grid. Forming of micro retail energy generation based on renewable energy sources and smart grids is a key factor for increasing RES share and transition of modern electric energy industry.

Year 2019 in Russia will become a year for the start of microgeneration development. The State Duma of Russia is considering amendments to Federal Law No 35 On Electric Power Industry where the term “microgeneration” is introduced for the first time. The Altren employees have participated as invited experts in the meeting of Expert Commission of the State Duma Energy Committee of the Russian Federation.

Application of microgeneration:

  • households

  • farms

  • garden houses

  • private entrepreneurship facilities with high grid connection price

  • gas stations

  • base stations of mobile network operators

  • light houses

  • remote security and surveillance systems

  • consumers, connected to the electricity grid but considering the increase of reliability on energy supply (in some regions of Russia consumers have to face with regular failures in energy supply).

In case of connection to the grid, an owner of a microgrid will have a possibility to sell excess energy back to the grid at a wholesale market price.

Altren offers its services in both selection of generating equipment for installation of stand-alone generating systems and supplying the whole set of equipment:

  • solar panels: mono and polycrystall

  • 5 and 10 kW horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines

  • inverters

  • storage systems based on Li-Ion batteries, lead-acid accumulators, etc.

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