Localization of Wind Turbine Component Production

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation to obtain permission for construction RES generating facilities and gain support on wholesale and retail energy market it is necessary to use localized equipment. Since 2019 localization level should be at least 65% for wind turbines.

ULNANOTECH is a partner of Vestas company in the project for wind turbine blade production localization. The blade production factory was built and launched in 2018 in Ulyanovsk. Blades make the biggest contribution to localization — 18%. Other components weigh from 2% to 15%.

Current RES support program is planned until 2024. In 2019 the conditions for the extension of the program will be identified. Moreover, the possibility for increasing the local content in wind generation up to 90% is being actively discussed that will result in the need to increase the number of wind turbine components produced in Russia.

Currently the Altren staff consider the possibility to localize the production of some other wind turbine components in the Ulyanovsk region with the purpose to reduce the cost of components through reduction in logistics costs and excise and customs duties avoidance, and achieve necessary localization level after 2024.

ULNANOTECH and Altren are looking to cooperate with foreign and Russian companies interested in localization.

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