Areas of Focus

Wholesale market of RES: regulatory legal acts, development, consulting.

The Ulyanovsk region is one of the leading regions in Russia in the development of renewables. Upon RES support program 2013 -2024 the first two wholesale wind farms in Russia with a total capacity of 85 MW have been constructed in the Ulyanovsk region, and Vestas wind turbine blade production factory has been launched.

Retail market of RES, PPA: regulatory legal acts

RES retail market has its own features: no need to participate in tenders to be selected to sign energy supply agreements and compete with energy market leads. However, here we should follow localization rules with limited capital and operational costs similar to wholesale market rules. RES retail market in Russia has its potential for development and Altren supports to its growth and becoming attractive to all market participants.

Microgeneration: regulatory legal acts, solutions

Microgeneration is a small-scale generation with a total capacity of maximum 15 kW.

Energy supply of remote and isolated territories: regulatory legal acts, solutions

Energy supply of remote and isolated territories is a promising area for RES application in Russia. For now the main source for electricity generation in remote areas, isolated from the unified energy system of Russia is a diesel energy generation plant. The price of fuel, electric energy and thermal energy in Russian isolated energy supply systems are among the highest in the world. On average economically feasible tariffs for electric energy are between 30 and 60 Rub but in some areas reach 200 to 300 Rub for 1 kWh. This is because of high diesel supply costs, high wear of equipment or its aging.

Sub-MW Wind Turbine

Sub-MW wind turbines range from 50 to 1 000 kW. These wind turbines are applied in stand-alone hybrid energy systems in remote, isolated, hard to access territories.

Localization of Wind Turbine Component Production

Согласно законодательству Российской Федерации, для возможности строительства объектов генерации ВИЭ и получения поддержки на оптовом и розничном рынках электроэнергии необходимо использовать локализованное оборудование. С 2019 года уровень локализации должен быть не менее 65% для ветроэнергетических установок.

Integration of energy storage solutions in generation based on RES

Развитие ВИЭ в России имеет огромный потенциал, но у ветростанций и солнечных станций есть один серьезный недостаток – сложность прогнозирования выработки в течение суток.



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